Coriander Connections engages and works with a number of charities but is primarily associated with the Better 2 Gether Foundation, of which Shahnaz is a Global Director. 


Better 2 Gether Foundation is based in Mombasa, Kenya, where its founder, Rozina Ali, coordinates the many disparate communities into organising a wide variety of charitable activities. These include running regular feeding programmes for the many destitute people on Mombasa’s streets, holding medical camps in rural communities, supporting a range of educational initiatives and assisting with orphanages and physically and mentally handicapped institutions.


A percentage of all Coriander Connection’s takings goes towards this worthy cause, as well as the proceeds from the sale of assorted merchandise, created by Kenyan artisans, such as can be seen above..  Class participants wishing to know more about the organisation and contribute towards it, can find more details by clicking on their website here.