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Shahnaz Barker founded Coriander Connections in 2009 in Hong Kong to promote and educate people about the richness of Asian cuisine. The venture quickly garnered a dedicated following of students and chefs eager to explore the intricacies and delights of Asian culinary arts. It later expanded its reach to Thailand, the UK, and Pakistan.


Over time, Shahnaz has transformed Coriander Connections into a dynamic entrepreneurial venture, starting with a vision and a single trading endeavor. What began modestly has now blossomed, highlighting her entrepreneurial skills and strategic acumen.


With a sharp eye for emerging markets and a talent for identifying trends, Shahnaz's trading enterprise thrived, laying a solid foundation for further growth. As her business expanded, so did her ambitions. Recognizing the importance of diversification and innovation, she ventured into new areas, exploring different industries and business strategies.


Shahnaz's ability to turn her trading business into a successful entrepreneurial venture is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive.

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